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plastic fantastic

Plastic Fantastic

Look around you, probably 90% of the objects are made of plastic or have some plastic in them. Plastic was invented at the start of the 20th century. Its was found when they tried to make plant products more durable. The first plastic was super small and not used a lot. However, when world war I and II raged, lots of natural resources got depleted and the need for new resources grew. Plastic was used a lot more during world war II for airplanes, parachutes, bullets, guns etc. Its exponential growth started in the fifties. People were rebuilding and the economy was at its lowest. Plastic was a convenient invention which was cheap to structure and hard to break.


Plastic is fantastic, it is cheap, doesn’t break, doesn’t take up flavors or smell and it can be watertight! However, we started using a lot of plastic for the wrong reasons. We are living in a world where everything has to be fast, easy, cheap, and available. However, using a plastic bottle for 5 minutes while it will outlive all of us is not the way to go.


We need to change our behavior towards plastic. Use it the way it was meant to be used. Like your diving suit and equipment. This is all made from plastic. But we pay good money for this equipment which triggers us to be careful! We deem these products worth a second chance, pay for them to get fixed.


I feel like divers are an easy crowd to tell my story to. We all love the ocean and like to be surrounded by fish instead of plastic. Because of this shared passion, it is easier to make changes in our life. I firmly believe we can make a change, yes companies and governments need to change with us. But we are the pressure that can affiliate this change. I hope you are all inspired to save our oceans by keeping them clean!


Tips and Tricks:

  • Bring your own cup and bottle for water or coffee!
    There are very nice reusable bottles for sale that keep your water hot or cold for a long time.
  • Clean up wherever you go.
    We have mesh bags to do some underwater clean ups, just ask at one of our 8 locations.
  • Use reusable alternatives.
    Use your own forks, knives and cups when you go for a BBQ on the beach!
  • Try to separate your waste.
    Selibon is doing a great job of recycling. We have separate bins for everything at our 8 locations! Don’t let it end up in the landfill.


“There is no green without blue” Sylvia Earl

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