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Where To Find Your Dive Friends

With multiple dive shops and retail stores, you’ll always have a dive friend close by.


Dive Shops And Retail Stores

With eight dive shops and four retail stores spread across the island you’ll always have the convenience of a Dive Friends nearby.

Tank-swapping has never been this easy! Our team is there for you at any dive shop location to help you with your diving needs. Furthermore, our retail stores range from diving equipment at Retail & Dive, to flipflops at REEF store and from beachwear at Dushi Store to sportswear at Dushi Style & Sportswear.

dive shop

Dive Shop

Our eight dive shops are conveniently spread across the island, with our northernmost location at Hamlet Oasis and our southernmost location at Delfins Beach Resort. See all Dive locations.

retail store

Retail Stores

Besides our comprehensive dive retail store, our three other retail stores offer a diverse range of products to meet your vacation and sport needs like flipflops, apparel and more. Check the stores!



When planning your Bonaire getaway, consider selecting from our trusted accommodation partners. Some of these have a Dive Friends dive shop on site. Discover the accommodations.

Slide 5 Dive Inn 6 Port Bonaire 8 Locations Discover the convenience of our eight dive shop locations spread across the island. Tank pick-up and drop-off has never been this easy. 1 Hamlet Oasis Resort 2 Sand Dollar / Den Laman
3 Retail & Dive 4 Yellow Submarine 7 Resort Bonaire 8 Delfins Beach Resort

Retail Stores

Visit any of our four retail stores for dive gear, flip flops, beachwear and more.

Retail & Dive
Dushi Store
Dushi Style & Sportswear

Retail Stores
Retail Stores

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