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Air / Nitrox Tanks

For the best scuba diving experience in Bonaire, it’s essential to get a tank package so you can go diving whenever you want. Opt for the unlimited air / nitrox package, a tank tracker card, or any of the other options.


With our 6-day unlimited diving package you can go diving as many times per day as you want. The unlimited air or nitrox tank package is perfect for anyone who likes to do two dives a day or more for six consecutive days. Are you looking to dive more than six days? You can extend the tank package per day.

  • $210
  • $35
unlimited shore diving
air or nitrox tank tracker


With our tank tracker, you’ll enjoy the freedom to dive at your own pace, whenever it suits you. This convenient tank card is the perfect choice if you don’t plan to dive every day or if you don’t go for at least two dives daily.


You receive a tank tracker card, and each time you use a tank, we mark it off for you. At the end of your stay, you simply settle your bill based on the number of tanks you’ve used.

  • $22
  • $38


The tank card is the perfect choice if you will dive at least fifteen times in total, but you want to spread it out over more than six days. Enjoy diving on Bonaire’s reefs at your own pace with the flexibility of a tank card which is valid for one year.

  • $210
rentals tank card.
Tank Card own Tanks


If you have your own scuba tank and require regular refills, our tank card for scuba tank owners is the ideal choice for you. We will fill your tank at one of our locations and we’ll mark off your card per filled tank.

  • $145

Scuba Gear Rental

We offer a wide range of scuba rental equipment for you to use during your stay. Our high-quality gear is well-maintained, ensuring your safety and peace of mind throughout your dives. From BCD’s to fins and from dive lights to compasses, we have all your essentials covered for your Bonaire diving adventures.


You can get a full rental including: BCD, regulator, wetsuit, computer, mask, snorkel, fins and boots for only $50 / day.

  • $50/ day
  • $13/ day
  • $13/ day
  • $13/ day
  • $13/ day
  • $13/ day
  • $8/ day
  • $8/ day
  • $35/ day
  • $55/ day

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