Photography equipment

Dive Friends Bonaire is an authorized dealer for Backscatter, Big Blue, GoPro, Ikelite, Olympus, Sea&Sea, and Sealife. We have a selection of cameras and housings available, or level up your underwater setup with a range of hardware and lighting accessories.

All items in our rental line are in our retail line, allowing divers to try before they buy!

The retail line currently offers our Olympus TG6 Camera with Olympus PT-059 Housing as a package or as separate items. Level up your underwater photography and videography with a range of hardware and lighting accessories. As a Backscatter Underwater Video & Photo Dealer, we have direct access to ordering items.

Olympus TG Series

The camera will be set up for you with a new 8 GB SD card which you can keep at the end of the rental period.

Renting cameras is only possible at our Retail & Dive location. Pick up is available from 8:30 am onward. Please return by 4:30 pm to allow time for drying to remove the SD card.

  • The Olympus TG series cameras deliver fantastic photos and video (both wide angle and macro) with excellent image quality from dedicated underwater settings. The design team at Olympus have evolved this camera with underwater pictures in mind; and it shows! The camera itself is waterproof down to 50 feet (15 meter), but we’ll only rent it out with the dedicated Olympus PT-058 UW housing rated to 147 feet (45 meter).
  • In addition to the underwater settings the camera has 4K video capability.
  • The TG series cameras are extremely rugged and are waterproof, crushproof, shockproof, freezeproof, and dustproof.
  • Setting the camera to the basic underwater settings is very easy and divers will receive a basic run through when renting. This is perfect for divers who just want to ‘set it and forget it’ and those who wish to get easy all-around images.

Price per day: $55

Sea & Sea YS-03 Strobe

The YS-03 has been designed for any underwater photographer to use and is easy to understand. Just turn the switch from OFF to TTL (automatic) and divers can fire away! The flash output is varied and controlled by the camera’s metering system. If you’re interested in learning more about strobes and lighting, sign up for one of our courses!

Price per day: $35

SOLA 1200 Photo Light for Rental

Powerful, compact, and rechargeable.

  • Red or white beams with multiple power levels (70-280min) create the ultimate light for underwater photographers.
  • Choose from three levels: high/medium/low. The highest setting provides 1200 lumen white flood and 300 lumen red flood output.
  • Its wide flood doubles as a general video light and red light lets you sneak up on sea life. Red light is not visible to many underwater creatures; allowing a shooter to approach, focus, set up a shot, and shoot with strobes without disturbing the animal beforehand.
  • Available with a cold shoe mount. Great for lighting GoPro and other action cameras as well as still shot cameras!

Price per day: $25

Gobe 700 Video Kit with Wide and Spot Heads

Precision engineered to deliver a powerful smooth beam.

  • Full power gives 700 lumens with 1.5 – 36 hours of run-time.
  • GOBE’s robust factory sealed design is waterproof to 120 meters, works on land, and can be mounted to just about anything.
  • The GOBE 700 WIDE head fills your field of vision in a 60-degree beam.
  • The GOBE 700 spot delivers a fine-tuned focus with 10-degree spot underwater beam angle.
  • User friendly with push button operation and choice of high/medium/low/extended/SOS.
  • Great for lighting GoPro and other action cameras as well as still shot cameras!

Price per day: $17

AOI Ultra-Wide Lens Rental

The AOI UWL-400 is a great wide-angle lens for many compact cameras

  • 120-degree field of view with a 25 mm lens and comes with a 52 mm threaded mount – a great choice for cameras like the Olympus TG series!
  • This is a wet lens that can be ‘screwed’ on to the front of many housings. Ideal to try split shots with or take pictures of the Hilma Hooker and Salt Pier!

Price per day: $35

AOI Magnifier Rental

Get the most from the Olympus TG camera series! This accessory helps to cut out annoying screen glare in bright water and allows you to get a large, sharp magnified image from the camera’s LCD screen.


Price per day: $30

Double Arm Tray for cameras/GoPro Rental
  • The double arm tray is the ideal way to add proper lighting to your videos! It’s also the best solution for fixing shaky video. The double arm tray provides a level of stability that’s impossible to achieve with single arm/stick setups.
  • The perfect way to add accessories to your camera setup!

Price per day: $10

Magic Saga Ball

The Saga magic ball is a fun accessory to change up your underwater images. 

It produces a circular fisheye image in the center and a water drop effect on the edges. The lens can be threaded directly for 67mm ports or we have a step down ring to 52mm threads!

  • Compatible with 100 and 105mm macro lenses.

Think macro close focus wide angle!

Price per day: $25

Saga Magic Tube

The Saga Magic Tube allows you to create creative images with a reflecting circular effect.
It has 67mm threading which is compatible with most macro ports in the market.

  • Compatible with 100 and 105mm macro lenses.

Think Kaleidoscope

Price per day: $25

Ikelite TG5/6 Housing + DS51 Strobe

Ikelight provides an alternative housing for the popular Olympus TG5/6 cameras, realigned 

features such as fiber optic ports on top of the housing make this more versatile for accessories. Pair with the Ikelite DS51 strobe with RC1 TTL receiver to experience true TTL.

  • The size and weight of the DS51 make it the perfect choice for the traveling underwater photographer.
  • The DS51’s intensity and angle of coverage are comparable to any strobe in its class.
  • The strobe can easily switch between TTL/Auto and any of the six manual power settings through a large, easy-to-turn dial on the rear of the strobe.

Price per day: $80