If you haven’t already experienced Bonaire night diving, you are in for a treat!

They are completely different from the dives you make during the daytime. Everything looks different night diving; the fish have different colors than they show during the day and some of the most interesting marine life only comes out at night.

Dive lights are available for rent and we also have a variety available for purchase.

Guided Shore UV Light Night Dive

Even the most experienced night diver will be impressed with the new world of ultraviolet light night dives! When you shine a UV light on certain marine creatures, it will stimulate a fluorescent glow that most divers can only describe as “trippy!”

Guided Shore Ostracod Night Dive

The Ostracod night dive is a bioluminescent light show like you have never seen. A few days after the full moon, tiny crustaceans called Ostracods put on a brilliant mating display that lights up the ocean surrounding you in points of light.

Some describe it as drifting weightless through space among hundreds of stars.
This dive is for experienced divers comfortable with night dives as most of the dive is done in darkness with dive lights turned off!

Read more at http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/artful-amoeba/the-starry-night-beneath-the-caribbean-sea/

Night Diving
Night dive (excludes light)$55
Fluorescent UV night dive (includes light)$68
Guided shore Ostracod Night Dive (minimum 2 divers - not including light)$55

Rental Equipment *
Full rental one day (does not include light or tanks)$50
BCD (per day)$13
Regulator (per day)$13
Mask & Snorkel $8
Dive computer (per day)$13
Digital Under Water Camera (including SD card)$35
Dive Light (per day)$13
Wetsuit (per day)$13
Open heel fins (per day)$8
Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask Rental$15
DIN Adapter$4
* 10% discount on equipment listed above if rented for 6 days or more!


Current prices are valid until December 2023. All prices are subject to change.