Bonaire is famous for scuba diving for several reasons.

Her unique geography has created miles of leeward coastline with easy shore access and almost perfect scuba diving conditions. There are over 100 dive sites for you to explore: steep walls, sloping drop-offs, exciting wrecks, and last, but not least, the double reef system will take your breath away.

The world-famous Bonaire National Marine Park has been protecting the coral reefs surrounding Bonaire since 1979. This is why the reefs of Bonaire are some of the healthiest in the Caribbean. Bonaire boasts incredible biodiversity with over 55 types of coral and 470 species of fish, which guarantees that no matter where you dive on Bonaire, you’ll always feel like you’re in the middle of an aquarium.

If you haven’t been diving for over a year, Dive Friends Bonaire’s policy is to recommend that you refresh your dive skills and knowledge with a refresher. If you haven’t been diving in over two years, it’s required. Your safety is very important to us. Read our article When Do I Need A Refresher? for more information about why we require a refresher course after 2 years of not diving.