Quarterly Clean Up – January 2021

Happy New Year, welcome in 2021!

Good resolutions and time to start the year with a thorough clean up of the town’s center. The town center’s reef to be precise!

As you might be aware Dive Friends Bonaire is not only the biggest dive center on Bonaire but also we are the leading dive center on conservation and clean up actions on Bonaire. Next to our 6 adopted house reefs who get a monthly clean up, keep an eye on our agenda for this planning. We also host the biggest underwater clean up event on diver’s paradise 4 times a year. After all the new year’s festivities we thought it would be a good idea to jump in at the town’s center Pier where also one of our main event sponsors Karel’s town pier bar is located.

With all COVID measures we had to ensure that all divers and staff of course were safe and distant so we had all our volunteers checking in on preserved times, separated 20 minutes apart to guarantee diver safety and distance. After checking in, gearing up and briefings our buddy teams hit the water in their own teams. 24 divers means 12 buddy teams searching about 250 m2 and gather a Debris collection of 65 kilo’s!

All debris was counted, reported and separated and in the end handed over to our proud sponsor Selibon for recycling! Afterwards we had a drink sponsored by Karel’s town pier bar and then we continued into an online raffle, with several beautiful prices handed to us by our sponsors!

The price winners were:

Henk & Angela Diters
Adam Ward
Tadzio Bervoets
Maaike kosmis
Vicky Hoflack
Virginia Knight
Anita vd Wal
Marlies Wolters.

All prizes were donated by our proud sponsors:

Bonaire Automation
Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire
Tropical nature Bonaire
Dee Scarr
Karel’s Beach bar
Selibon Bonaire


For the detailed information about this clean up, check out the event page: