Dive Friends Bonaire Quarterly Clean Up Dive

Everyone is welcome, divers and non-divers!
If you don’t dive, you can snorkel, if you don’t snorkel you can help out on shore. There is always lots to do!

Watch some videos from previous Clean Up Dives below, to give you an impression!

🕙 Briefings begin at 10 AM

The sponsors provide free air and a potluck BBQ after this dive, but we do ask you to bring a small side dish if you come to the BBQ.

If you aren’t already registered with us please bring a copy of your certification card along when you sign-in and you will need to fill out a liability form.

Extra Information

Dates may change so as to not conflict with other events.

On each Clean Up Dive, a different area of Bonaire’s coastal reefs or beaches is selected and any trash which has not become part of the reef is collected. We invite and welcome any participants who want to combine vacation with doing the right thing for the reefs! Quarterly cleanups give us the opportunity to focus on the removal of new trash rather than disturbing the flora and fauna that have taken up residence in older trash.

If you happen to be on-island and you’re not diving with Dive Friends Bonaire but you’d still like to help keep Bonaire blue and beautiful–no problem. Please bring a copy of your certification card along when you sign-in. We only ask that you fill in one of our liability forms and then you are more than welcome to participate.

Due to COVID-19, Clean Up dives will be organizes in a different way. Please follow us on Social media to stay up to date with the latest information.