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5 Best House Reefs of Dive Friends Bonaire

5 Best House Reefs of Dive Friends Bonaire

Every diver wants to make the most out of their dive vacation to Bonaire. So, what are the best dive sites on the island? To be fair, there may be too many to choose from. Lets start with the 5 best house reefs of Dive Friends Bonaire!


Bonaire is known as the shore dive capital of the world, which means you can just grab a tank, drive to a dive site, and walk into the water almost anywhere on the west coast of Bonaire! It’s a wonderful way to explore the underwater world independently without a guide. Of course, if you prefer diving under guidance, it’s always possible to book a guided dive or boat dive.


Dive Friends Bonaire has eight locations, five of which have their own stunning house reef. Grab a tank at one of our locations and explore the house reefs with ease.


1. Hamlet Oasis | Clif

The most northern Dive Friends location is the dive shop at Hamlet Oasis Resort. The house reef is called Clif, and you can reach it by walking down the steps at the back of the shop. The reef starts down a beautiful slope. When you turn left, you will reach a steep wall that is overgrown with colorful corals and sponges. You might even find a lobster hiding in the crevices.


2. Retail & Dive | Something Special

Our dive retail shop can be found across the street from Between2Buns. This is the place where you can buy any dive item, including regulators, wetsuits, cameras, and more. We sell brands like SCUBAPRO, GoPro, and SpaceFishArmy! Even though it is a retail shop, it still has a beautiful house reef called Something Special. And yes, this dive site is truly something special. Here you will find interesting macro life in the shallows and impressive coral structures in the deep.


3. Yellow Submarine

This location is called Yellow Submarine, and you can find it on the boulevard to Kralendijk. The house reef is known for its macro life, and you might even spot the occasional eagle ray foraging for food in the sand. The dive shop has everything you need, so just grab a tank, gear up, and go!


4. Dive Inn | Chachacha

The Dive Inn shop is located across from the cruise ship terminal. The house reef is called Chachacha, and it is known for its unique structures. You can find many boulder blocks and old wooden barrels along the reef. Some of them are overgrown with corals, and others are a haven for juvenile fish.


5. Delfins

The house reef at our location at Delfins Beach Resort is another wonderful dive site. You reach the water by walking over the pier, and you can either do a giant stride from the platform or go into the water by the stairs. The shallows are filled with wavy soft corals. Once you reach the drop-off, you’ll be blown away by the beautiful colors of the reef.

Now you’re ready to cross all of Dive Friends Bonaire’s house reefs off your list!

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