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Upcoming Instructor Development Course: August 14th – 28th

Dive Friends offers great opportunities for those who would love to be diving all day, every day. Our eight-week divemaster internship allows you to make diving your profession and lets you experience what it’s like to work in the friendliest dive center in the Caribbean. And if you really, truly want to live the dream, your ultimate goal might well be to take the Instructor Development Course and become a dive instructor yourself.

In this blog, some of our dive instructors share their most memorable moments as a dive instructor.

From fearful to fearless. New divers, taking a breath underwater for the very first time, can be stressed. Some think they will never be able to complete a dive and are struggling to overcome anxiety. According to Nienke, the most valuable aspect of teaching people scuba diving is to watch these new divers overcome their fear, exchanging it for a calmness and wonder as they take in all there is to see on the reefs. Knowing that you have helped them turn their fear into a newfound hobby is priceless.

Future ocean ambassadors. As a dive instructor, you get to teach young children. Whenever Caitlin takes out an eight-year-old on a Bubblemaker course; or a ten-year-old on the first open water dive, the feeling of introducing them to a whole new world is amazing. Some kids return from a dive completely fascinated by the animals they’ve seen and with a new goal: “Save the planet”. As the dive instructor who introduces them to the ocean and all it has to offer, you are an important factor in creating a new generation of ocean ambassadors.

Share your passion. Diving is incredible and as a dive instructor you get to tell people this every day. One of Iris’ most memorable moments was when she took her own father on a Discover Scuba Dive.  Her dad discovered that he loved diving just as much as his daughter. For Iris, seeing his smile after his first dive was a very special moment. Being a dive instructor allows you to directly share your greatest passion with those closest to you.

Challenge yourself. Apart from diving every day, dive instructors have many opportunities to challenge themselves and expand their dive horizons. Ever since working as an instructor, Daniel has challenged himself more than he could ever have dreamt beforehand. Being in an environment with professional divers all around helped him a lot. It is very easy to get introduced to new ways of diving, such as sidemount diving and tech diving. As a dive instructor, you will always find new ways to explore the ocean and all its beauty.

The ocean as your home. Finally, divemaster Vincent has just completed his divemaster training with us. He will be one of the students doing the Instructor Development Course this summer. Why did he decide he wants to move forward and become a dive instructor? The answer is very simple. Teaching is rewarding, and you get to teach in the most beautiful place on earth: the ocean. Whether it’s the Caribbean Sea, the Indian Ocean, or the Pacific Ocean, you get to go to amazing locations that not many people get to go to.

Need more? We don’t think so. Start living the dream now!