STCB Adopt a Nest

Not only have we adopted the dive site at Te Amo Beach, we’ve also partnered with Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire to adopt a sea turtle nest there as well!

Everyone knows that Bonaire is famous for sea turtles and they are one of the main reasons that many divers and snorkelers choose to visit Bonaire. Bonaire is one of the most important nesting locations for sea turtles in the world. We host three species of marine turtles: hawksbill, green, and loggerhead turtles.

Although most of the nests are located on the beaches that lie along the northeast coast of Klein Bonaire, we have chosen to adopt a nest on Te Amo Beach. This nesting site is very special and requires extra attention because it is located across from Flamingo International Airport. Baby sea turtles hatch at sunset or in the evening and use the reflection of light off the ocean to guide themselves to the water. Therefore, when it is time for the baby turtles to hatch, many volunteers are required to build a “human wall” to shield the babies from the bright lights of the airport and help guide them to the sea.

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Local Companies Adopting 25 Sea Turtle Nests on Bonaire from Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire on Vimeo.