Ostracods – World’s Most Romantic Dive

Valentine’s Day may only come once a year but here on Bonaire you get the chance for real romance every month! In addition to countless evenings of star gazing on the beach, you can take your sweetheart on the world’s most romantic night dive and show them our “underwater stars”, the Ostracods!!

The Ostracods, or seed shrimp, are a group of small crustaceans that measure only about 1 mm in diameter. Many species can generate bioluminescent light, which they use to protect themselves from predators. The Caribbean is home to a special species of Ostracods, the “blue tears” or “blue sand” Ostracods, who generate blue light as part of their monthly mating display. Every month after the full moon, the ocean lights up in a brilliant bioluminescent display that can only be compared to a beautiful starry night. Add in the weightlessness of diving through the water and it is as if you are floating through space itself. What could be more romantic?

Bonaire has some of the best dive sites in the world for observing this phenomenon. Check out the video below to get a small taste (from 30-50 seconds). The night dive is done using mainly the light of the moon and the Ostracods themselves so it is for experienced divers who are comfortable with their dive lights switched off. Timing the dive correctly after the full moon and choosing the right dive site are also important to guarantee that you and your sweetheart get the full experience.

We offer a special monthly guided dive to ensure that you see the Ostracods at their best. We also offer night dive training ahead of time for those who are not yet comfortable in the dark. And finally, don’t be shy if you are single. Feel free to tag along, you never know what may happen under the bioluminescent blue sea.

Contact us for questions or to sign up for our next Ostracod Night Dive.

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Example of Ostracods between 30 and 53 seconds

— Written by Jesika