New Year Blog – Bring On 2018

Come dive with Dive Friends in 2018!

There is always a slightly sad feeling when the end of the year festivities are behind you. We at Dive Friends Bonaire are excited to start a new year full of diving. But to make 2018 an unforgettable year full of amazing underwater experiences, we need you! So, stop feeling gloomy and start planning your next dive trip! We have made you a nice “calendar” to help you decide when to book your tickets to come visit us. Can’t choose what you like best? Don’t worry – we make diving a great experience year-round.

January, February and March

January is the month for clean slates and following up on your New Year’s resolutions. During your visit to Bonaire, you can also do something for the reefs as part of your Spring Clean! Why not learn how to hunt the invasive lionfish, gather scientific data during the Fish ID or REEF Survey Diver Specialty, or join us on our quarterly Clean-up Dive? In February, love is all around. Let us take you on a guided Ostracod Night Dive for a most romantic experience amongst a sea of blue stars. Also, cruise seasons draws to an end in March. You can profit from the increased availability of our instructors by taking as many Specialty courses as you want. Expand your horizon with us!

Photo by Rudy van Geldere

Photo by Davy Lepsi


April, May and June

Time to spot some turtles! April marks the beginning of the sea turtle nesting season. If you’re lucky you might spot a female Loggerhead turtle visiting our island to lay her eggs. In June, green turtles and Hawksbill turtles also start making their way to Bonaire. Take our Sea Turtle Awareness Distinctive Specialty if you want to learn more about these amazing animals! In May and June, the ocean is also teeming with other new life! The reefs are a nursery for many juvenile fishes at this time of the year. Be prepared for some cute encounters with baby Trunkfish and blue tangs. Also, the fourth Bonaire Dive Week will take place from May 26th to June 2nd. Let us be your host while you enjoy all the fun activities that Bonaire Dive Week has to offer! Our team is ready to provide you with all the tanks, equipment and knowledge of Bonaire’s reefs to make for an unforgettable experience.

July, August and September

Are you the type of person that just can’t get enough of diving? July and August are your months! The days are long and water temperatures reach their peak. Enjoy multiple shore dives until the sun sets without getting cold! In September, the days are shortening slightly. However, water temperatures are still peaking and the winds are reduced in strength. Thus, diving conditions are perfect! Take your chance to spot the well-camouflaged creatures such as frogfish and seahorses without battling currents. This is also the perfect time to go East Coast Diving… let us book it for you!

Photo by Caitlin Hale

October, November and December

October brings to Bonaire one of the most famous and surreal underwater events: coral spawning! Let us take you on a night dive and watch how those corals start to ‘smoke’ and send their offspring into the ocean. Other marine life is also influenced by the coral spawning event; be prepared for some crazy mating behavior from the fish around you! November and December bring even more reasons to go crazy. Where better way to spend the most festive months of the year than in Diver’s Paradise? It’s always a celebration to go out on a dive on our coral reefs. After a fresh shower and a mind full with new life-lasting memories, you can enjoy your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner at one of Bonaire’s award winning fine dining restaurants. On top of that, you will find Bonaire covered in pretty lights and our staff greeting you with a loud chorus of various Christmas songs!

Photo by Davy Lepsi