Happy #EarthDay! Bonaire #AdoptADiveSite

This #EarthDay, we’ve taken action to #AdoptADiveSite with @projectaware to keep our ocean clean & healthy!

Along with our Quarterly Clean Up Dive, Debris Free Bonaire program, and Dive Against Debris Specialty, Dive Friends Bonaire has now pledged to protect the places we love with the Project Aware #AdoptADiveSite by adopting Te Amo Beach!

Te Amo Beach is located across from the Flamingo International Airport and a popular place for locals and tourists alike. It is also a popular sea turtle nesting site which makes it such an important site to keep clear of marine debris like fishing line which can trap turtles or plastics which turtles ingest.

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Baby loggerhead turtles – Bonaire from Nathalia Castro on Vimeo.


We commit to carry out monthly Dive Against Debris surveys, reporting types and quantities of marine debris found underwater each month from Te Amo Beach.

Adopt a Dive Site participants’ local, repeated surveys will help improve the health of ocean ecosystems. But more importantly, they will provide valuable, much-needed information about marine debris to help inform policy change.

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based on the data we receive, we’ll actively seek solutions to some of the localized waste management problems communities’ face. It’s the beginning of an exciting wave of change as we mobilize our passionate dive community to take ownership of the sites they frequent. Together our movement is leading ocean protection from the frontlines.

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If you are interested in helping us complete surveys on Te Amo Beach contact us.

To learn more about the program or how you can adopt your own dive site visit http://www.projectaware.org/adoptadivesite