Freediving | Five reasons to start today!


Dive Friends Bonaire is now partnering with Deepsea Freediving and offering PADI Freediving classes as a PADI Freedive Center. Freediving is becoming more and more popular around the globe. Bonaire is an excellent place for freediving; the reef drop-off starts shallow and there is a huge diversity of marine life to observe along the entire reef, easily accessible for freedivers.

In this blog, PADI & AIDA Freediver Instructor Trainer and 12x World Record Freediver Carlos Coste gives you his top five reasons why you should learn to freedive… today!

  1. Freedom

Freediving is like flying into liquid space – weightless and free! With the help of simple and light gear, freedivers are able to enjoy the underwater world with three-dimensional movement possibilities. You will also enjoy the freedom to perform dozens of dives during a session, where the number of dives will increase once you are more advanced and fit!

  1. Development of relaxation & breathing control

Relaxation and breathing control are the fundamental skills to develop in freedive courses. So, if you are stressed, experiencing out of breath situations, or if you want to improve your meditation and visualization skills, a professional freedive course can help a lot! It’s a body and mind connection that will also provide you with a comfortable feeling during your scuba dives, as well as provide you with breathing and stress control.

  1. Rediscover the joy to dive

Look at freediving as a new approach to the underwater world: more sportive, meditative and rewarding. It is a constant inner exploration and self-improvement discipline. Freediving will help you to become more aware of your body, which can improve your lifestyle and your health.

  1. Become a part of the marine life

Freedivers are quiet, and therefore fit more naturally in the underwater world. There are no bubbles and heavy equipment to scare off the marine life. So, if you are looking for some quality marine time with whales, dolphins, groupers, or manta’s, then let’s freedive!

  1. Longer and more relaxed scuba dives

Yes, freediving also improves your scuba dives! Learning breathing and relaxation techniques will allow you to boost your scuba dive performances, and result in a longer tank life. Additionally, the equalization techniques used in freediving can be beneficial and useful for scuba diving.

We at Dive Friends Bonaire are absolutely convinced that freediving is a valuable addition to everyone’s dive experience! Interested in the courses we offer? Have a look at our freedive course page and don’t hesitate to contact us!