EZ Tank Caps

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference.

Dive Friends loves innovation. C’mon – we’re on the best dive island in the entire region and we want to make our dive centers the best on the island. We understand that many of our guests are only doing shore diving with us. We work hard to make it convenient for you to pick up and drop off tanks so that you can into the blue whenever you want to. But how many of you have taken a look at our tank caps? Most other dives shops use the plain old vinyl tank cap that slips through your wet fingers and usually takes about 3 tries to take off. If you have long nails, this is where you wind up breaking one while trying to pry the cap off.

Not with EZ Tank Caps! These patented, ergonomic tank caps were designed by a guest of ours. They feature an innovative pull tab and a textured finish so that your fingertips don’t slip. Something else that we love is that they’re built to last, so we’re not constantly replacing split caps or even worse – losing them in the ocean!

So check out www.ScubaTankCap.com to learn more and visit Dive Friends Bonaire to enjoy the best that Bonaire has to offer!