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Want or need help with your digital underwater imaging? Go. Ask. Erin!


Within minutes of sitting down with Erin Quigley, I am compelled by her words and completely engaged. She exudes inspiration, excitement and passion. Erin is an Adobe ACE certified digital-imaging consultant and award winning underwater photographer and video editor. Her website: www.GoAskErin.com provides custom tutorials and one-on-one instruction for the underwater photographic community. She is the guru of post processing both image and video. If you are looking to take your underwater images to a new level; she has the answers and a way of expressing them that makes sense. Whether it’s inside of or out of the classroom; time spent with Erin will help you to transform your images or video and make them better.

Roughly 23 years ago, Erin was looking for a way to quiet her mind in her extremely busy and stressful life. She discovered scuba diving and was instantly addicted to the tranquillity of the underwater world Her first dives were off of the low-visibility shores of California in a 7 mm wetsuit. Underwater photography using film was the norm at that time. Digital photography changed everything. Erin realized shooting digital worked with her skill set and background in image processing. Most other digital shooters did not have this knowledge and were looking for answers. Erin soon found herself assisting her dive buddies and their dive buddies on the post processing of their images and video. And so began GoAskErin.

Erin set herself apart by becoming an ACE Adobe certified consultant with expertise in Lightroom and Photoshop. She has tricks up her sleeves that will blow your mind! It was a logical transition to become part of the staff at Backscatter Underwater Video and Photo and the Digital Shootouts. In her own words, she is “an educator. She likes to remove technology as a roadblock so divers can focus on creativity. Teaching divers to improve their photos in post-production eliminates stress while taking the photo. All you need to do is sit in on one of her Lightroom Bootcamps, hosted at various locations around the world, and you will understand why she commands such respect in her field.

In male dominated industries such as scuba diving, photography and software programming, Erin stands out as a leader in the profession. I’ve seen Erin deliver discerning critiques using just simple slider adjustments in Lightroom to to make her points. When I ask her how she overcomes the challenge of being a female and the treatment it sometimes entails, she cites age as her main advantage. She is of the same generation that many of her students are – those who were given this technology later in life. Special advice for her female students? Don’t shy away from big, serious camera gear, ladies! The camera and all of its accessories can be neutrally buoyanYou cannot help but come away as a more self-assured diver, photographer and all-around human being after spending time with Erin. From my perspective, it’s also her amazing attitude and presence. You don’t question Erin, she makes you question yourself!

Erin is a woman who inherently wants to help others improve, has a passion for providing inspiration and motivates all divers to be the best they can be in this beautiful art form. Unfortunately, through her travels Erin has also witnessed degradation of the underwater world. Conservation and photography are intertwined, in her view, and she promotes them passionately to her audiences. To be a part of her world, share her enthusiasm and have better images or videos you need only to Go Ask Erin.