Clean Up Dive October 2015

On Saturday, October 18, we had 116 volunteers join us at Dive Friends @ Dive Inn for the last quarterly clean up dive of 2015 under South Pier. This time the bearded wonder Asko was gallivanting around Thailand so Carolyn (the non-bearded wonder) took over for the safety briefing. There was plenty of trash to remove including: 365 glass bottles, 398 glass fragments, 154 plastic fragments, 90 plastic cups, 424 pieces of fishing line, 29 ropes, and much much more.

For as much trash as they have removed from the ocean, our volunteers have eaten just as much food at our sunset BBQ and raffle at Dive Friends @ Hamlet Oasis. In keeping with the spirit of “reduce, reuse, recycle,” Dive Friends Bonaire does not use disposable plates and cutlery, so the DFB crew also spent a lot of extra time cleaning up after the clean-up.

We couldn’t do it without the help of our many great volunteers. Thank You! We’d also like to thank our Sponsors for the event: Beachcomber Villas, Bonaire East Coast Diving, Van Den Tweel, Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire, Selibon, Alejandra Riquelme, Trident Dive, Ocean Reef, Debris Free Bonaire, LavaCore.

Additional information about the cleanups is available at: All are welcome to join in.