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Plunge to New Depths with Tech Diving

If you are a qualified technical diver, Dive Friends Bonaire offers the possibility to join one of our tech-dive instructors to discover the legendary Windjammer wreck. The Windjammer, otherwise known as the Mari Bahn, sank in 1912 and rests at a depth of 160 feet. The crow’s nest and the main mast lie at a depth of 200 feet. This spectacular dive takes you back into the past. It is in a restricted area, and we need to apply for a permit in advance. For the permit, we’ll need a copy of your passport, as well as a copy of your certification card showing that you are trained for decompression procedures to a level of PADI Tec 50 or equivalent. Prior to visiting the Windjammer, you will also need to conduct at least one preparation dive with our tech divemaster, for safety reasons.

Bonaire Tech Diving Windjammer

There are quite a few interesting, but lesser known, deep dives on Bonaire that do not require a permit. Explore other parts of Bonaire’s history with a technical guide and visit various deep anchors and wrecks around the island. Contact us for more information.


Guided Tech Dive (does not include gases or rental equipment)$108.00
EANx 40% Fill (40 cu.ft)$15.00
EANx 70% Fill (40 cu.ft)$25.00
Scubapro harness with single bladder$25.00
Primary reg set with long hose and inflator hose$12.00
Secondary reg set with inflator hose and SPG$12.00
Double tanks banded with 200 BAR DIN isolation manifold$20.00
Tek Set (harness, doubles, primary and secondary regs)$55.00
Deco reg O2 clean. Left or right with short hose SPG$13.00
Deco tank O2 clean. DIN with mountain snaps (40 cu.ft)$13.00
Lift Bag$7.50
Line Reel$7.50
Bottom Timer$12.00
Deco tank (not O2 clean, <40% Nitrox) with regulator (40 cu.ft)$13.00

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