Hone your Skills With Tech Diving Courses

Are you an experienced diver? Looking for something a little bit different? Want to challenge yourself? For those who wish to push beyond the traditional recreational diving limits, Dive Friends Bonaire believes there should be a safe way of doing so. Our technical diving instructor is dedicated to providing you a safe environment in which to learn many facets of technical diving.

Note: qualifying certifications from other diver training organizations may apply–ask your Tec Deep Instructor.

We can also arrange for additional training such as Advanced Nitrox, Gas Blender, Trimix, Decompression Procedures, Extended Range and Advanced Wreck. (Prices available upon request.)

Self-Reliant / Solo Diver

During the Self-Reliant Diver program, you are trained to plan your dives so you can respond to emergencies independently, whether you are diving with a partner, team, or alone. Self-reliant divers practice until they are comfortable with self-rescue skills and carry redundant equipment so that in an emergency, the diver is equipped and prepared to react independently. To dive without a partner requires diligence and experience, and has a prerequisite of Advanced certification and proof of more than 100 dives.

Minimum Age: 18
Number of Dives: 3
Approximate Time: 1 day
Prerequisites: Advanced Certification
Price per person: $234.00

Side Mount Diver

The side-mount system is crossing over from the technical side of diving and becoming more accessible to recreational divers. It’s a simple harness style BCD with strategically placed D-rings to attach two smaller tanks on either side of you, instead of one large one on your back. It’s extremely comfortable, customizable, and offers the extra redundancy of having two separate air systems. Diving with the side-mount system takes some additional training to learn how to set up, work with the tanks, keep an even air supply between tanks to stay balanced and to switch between your two regulators. If you’ve been thinking about trying tech diving, this is the perfect way to become acquainted with a few tech diving techniques in an easy and comfortable way to see if it’s for you.

Minimum Age: 15
Number of Dives: 3
Approximate Time: 1 day
Prerequisites: Advanced Certification
Price per person: $234.00

Experience Tech Dive

If you’re curious about what any of these programs has to offer you, then sign up for an Experience Tech Dive. In one dive, you’ll learn some of the basic principles of tech diving and experience what it’s like to dive in technical equipment. This is perfect for those who want to try something different or aren’t sure if they want to do a full course. Get out there and try a single guided dive with a full face mask, sidemount system, or dive with a technical diving rig.

Price only includes specialized rental equipment.
Price per person: $65.00


Self Reliant Diver (3 Dives) (minimum 100+ dives & AOW)**$234.00
Side Mount Diver (3 Dives)**$234.00
Experience Tech Dive (only includes specialized rental equipment)$65.00
Intro to Tech$189.00


Guided Tech Dive (does not include gases or rental equipment)$108.00
EANx 40% Fill (40 cu.ft)$15.00
EANx 70% Fill (40 cu.ft)$25.00
Scubapro harness with single bladder$25.00
Primary reg set with long hose and inflator hose$12.00
Secondary reg set with inflator hose and SPG$12.00
Double tanks banded with 200 BAR DIN isolation manifold$20.00
Tek Set (harness, doubles, primary and secondary regs)$55.00
Deco reg O2 clean. Left or right with short hose SPG$13.00
Deco tank O2 clean. DIN with mountain snaps (40 cu.ft)$13.00
Lift Bag$7.50
Line Reel$7.50
Bottom Timer$12.00
Deco tank (not O2 clean, <40% Nitrox) with regulator (40 cu.ft)$13.00

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