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News Splash August, 2016

What’s up at Dive Friends?

First, the most important information: what cool critters have been spotted recently? Just in time for shark week at the end of June, a black tip reef shark was spotted at our Sand Dollar and Yellow Submarine locations (yes, it was real, we saw the photos!). There have also been reports of nurse sharks at Something Special (close to Yellow Sub) and at Ebo’s Special on Klein Bonaire.

Our resident short-nosed batfish is still happily walking around the sand by our confined water area in front of Yellow Sub. We also have two seahorses in front of Yellow Submarine and a breeding pair at Dive Inn. Furthermore, it is nesting season for all three of our turtle species (Green, Hawksbill, and Loggerhead) so there are now many sightings of huge adult turtles on both sides of the island!

Working in the dive industry offers the possibility of work all over the world. Unfortunately, that means that some of our beloved instructors are moving on to new adventures. We’d like to say farewell and all the best to Sanne, Christina and Michiel.

We are also sad to announce that our long term colleague and friend Asko has moved on as well. Keep an eye out for him and his new food related adventures.

Kaj will be taking on a new challenge as Communication and Fundraising Officer with our friends at Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire.

All these changes of course mean that we are also happy to welcome some new members to the team. Matt is our new PADI IDC Staff Instructor. He originally comes from Georgia in the USA and he has spent the last 2 years working as an instructor in Hawaii, North America and the Caribbean. Ivo is also a new PADI instructor. He comes from the Netherlands but has also been working in St. Maarten. Our beloved Ann-Marie has become the new Yellow Submarine site manager. Furthermore, huge congratulations are in order for our certified PADI Divemaster Shaun! He will soon be followed by our current DM trainees Tori and Niels. Jason is also working with us while training as Advanced and Rescue Diver.

We will no longer be the contracted local dive operator for cruise ships visiting Bonaire. However, anyone from a cruise ship can now independently book separate diving and snorkeling adventures with us directly via http://www.divefriendsbonaire.com/scuba-diving/cruise-ship/

And finally, the renovations are almost complete at Port Bonaire so don’t forget to stop by and check out our upgraded location.

Hope to see you underwater soon!

OCEAN REEF Aria Full Face Snorkel

Guided snorkel tours, rentals, and retail sales with the new OCEAN REEF Aria Full Face snorkel.

The OCEAN REEF Aria Full Face snorkel is the perfect way to get first time snorkelers into the water for an enjoyable experience. With this exciting new technology, you no longer have to worry about having a foggy or leaking mask. It also has a larger field of vision and you can breath comfortably through your nose!

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PADI Women’s Dive Day 2016

In celebration of PADI Women’s Dive Day, Dive Friends Bonaire shares our dive inspirations.

Dive Friends Bonaire celebrated the 2nd Annual PADI Women’s Dive Day on July 16th by celebrating the inspiration of women to dive. All of our female divers were invited to pose for pictures (above and below water) and share their stories of what inspires them about diving and to give kudos to women divers who have inspired them.

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Clean Up Dive July 2016

Another world famous quarterly clean up dive!

On Saturday, July 9, 2016 we had a grand total of 121 volunteers who helped clean up Town Pier!! Over 2491 items of marine debris were removed! The most significant items removed were 331 pieces of fishing line, 419 glass bottles, 589 glass fragments, 88 cans and 103 cloth fragments. Other items included: 14 bandaids, 12 hats, 79 paper/cardboard fragments and 13 paper bags.

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Dive Against Debris Adopt a Dive Site

We’ve adopted our very own dive site at Te Amo Beach!

As part of the Project AWARE adopt a dive site program, we will be conducting an official Dive Against Debris data survey at Te Amo beach once a month. Interested in learning more about the Dive Against Debris program? Perhaps you would like to adopt your own dive site at home but aren’t sure how?

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STCB Adopt a Nest

Not only have we adopted the dive site at Te Amo Beach, we’ve also partnered with Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire to adopt a sea turtle nest there as well!

Everyone knows that Bonaire is famous for sea turtles and they are one of the main reasons that many divers and snorkelers choose to visit Bonaire. Bonaire is one of the most important nesting locations for sea turtles in the world. We host three species of marine turtles: hawksbill, green, and loggerhead turtles.

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News Splash March, 2016

What’s up at Dive Friends? The latest news

Right, you all want to hear about the critter sightings first, so here goes…. A short-nosed batfish has pretty much taken up residence in the confined water in front of Yellow Sub. There’s been recent reports of a seahorse in the shallows, so hopefully he or she will stick around and bring friends. There have been quite a few reports of manta sightings – fingers crossed that we’ll have another summer of Manta Madness!

We wish a warm welcome to Jesika, a PADI and SSI instructor from the Yukon, by way of the Netherlands.

Huge congratulations are in order to our certified PADI Divemasters Oscar, Edward, Charlie, Milan, Luis, Tonia and Jace!

We have the honor of hosting a few visiting instructors: Amy from Iowa, Picasso from Îles de la Madeleine, Quebec, Professor Chris and Duffy from Minnesota.

One of the best parts of working in the dive industry is that you can move around the world and find work wherever there’s water! Unfortunately, that means that we have to have a lot of going away parties. In the past few months we’ve wished a fond farewell to: Ingrid, Parag, Pepijn and Kevin. We’re looking forward to hearing about their new adventures.

Renovations are underway at Port Bonaire so please excuse our mess. We’re hard at work on our new facilities and they are going to be amazing. We’ve already added the feature of night dive lockers, so our diving guests will be able to store their gear there and have after-hours access.

By popular demand, our morning two tank boat will be going to visit dive sites in the North on Saturdays as well as Wednesdays.

We’ve been officially declared 100% Awesome by Project AWARE for our environmental work. We think that this is a pretty cool certification and accept it proudly on behalf of all of you – the Dive Friends that support us! Our next clean up dive will be on April 9th and rumor has it that we will have a celebrity guest….be there or be square!

Hope to see you underwater soon!

Recent Blog Posts

January 2016 Clean Up Dive Largest clean up dive ever

Dive Friends Bonaire has been hosting our world famous quarterly underwater clean-up for over 10 years. January 23, 2016 we’re proud to say that we had the biggest turnout EVER with 135 volunteer divers!

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IAHD International Association for Handicapped Divers

There are very few disabilities which actually prevent one from diving. Dive Friends Bonaire is proud to have on staff 4 IAHD Instructors to better serve our guests with disabilities and help everyone to experience the underwater world.

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2015 Cleanup Dives Year in review

In 2015, Dive Friends Bonaire hosted four Clean Up dives at various sites around the island. Thanks to our 442 volunteers, a whopping 5,782 piece of marine debris were removed from the marine environment of Bonaire. And we’d like to thank our volunteers for each and every piece!

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Preserving a Diver’s Paradise through Dive Against Debris Project AWARE

Project AWARE featured The Dive Friends Bonaire Quarterly Cleanup Dive in a great article. “Project AWARE scuba divers, instructors and dive centers around the world are doing their part to fight back against the negative effects of trash in underwater environments through grassroots action. One dive center, Dive Friends Bonaire, has gone above and beyond to do their part.”

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PADI IDC Bonaire 2015 Instructor Development Course

1 Course Director + 5 Instructor Candidates + 1 IDC Staff Instructor Candidate + 1 IDC Staff Instructor + 1 mascot = Tons of FUN (and lots of hard work in between).

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Happy Retirement Jan and Pascal

Jan Kloos will be stepping down from his position of Company Director and Pascal is moving into semi-retirement and no longer the General Manager. The Board of Dive Friends Bonaire has named Carolyn Caporusso as his successor.

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News Splash Summer, 2015

100% AWARE Commited to conservation.

At Dive Friends Bonaire we take conservation seriously and want to protect our beautiful oceans for future generations of divers. In addition to our Debris Free Bonaire program and quarterly clean up dives, Dive Friends Bonaire is now a 100% AWARE partner.

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New Website Joining the current decade.

We’ve completely redesigned the Dive Friends Bonaire website to make it cleaner, easier to find what you are looking for, and make it look good on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

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Clean Up Dive July, 2015 Town Pier

On Saturday, July 18th, 2015, 95 volunteer divers gathered at Dive Friends Bonaire @ Yellow Submarine for the famous quarterly clean up dive. Attendees included Broadreach (a visiting group of teenagers from the US) as well as local and visiting divers. The youngest and most enthusiastic clean up dive volunteer was 10 year old Abigail Petrich, who was certified as a PADI Open Water Diver just a few days earlier.

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Serving You Better with a New Retail Store

The Dive Friends Bonaire Dive Retail Outlet has been a landmark on the Kaya Grandi, providing visiting divers with the best selection of quality dive gear on the island for years. However, it was starting to outgrow its space and become a bit too crowded with in-demand items….if divers ask for it, we’ll supply it! So Dive Friends Bonaire embarked upon a new challenge—a new store!

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Gift’s Story

Gift, who works at Dive Friends @ Port Bonaire, is originally from Nigeria, but grew up in Italy and came to Bonaire by way of England and Costa Rica. But with all that moving around the globe, her family spread further and further apart. At the moment, Gift and her sister Flora are working hard to arrange a visit to see their mother for the first time in 27 years!

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Debris Free Vacation

From December 21st to January 4th, visitors to Bonaire had the opportunity to win a free dive vacation by helping the environment. Volunteers were entered to win after posing with their trash and posting their photos to Facebook. Wow! Our volunteers filled an entire 10 cubic meter container in 1 week!

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Dive Friends Gossip The latest crew activities

  • We have a lot of new faces! We’re happy to welcome several new crew: Darcy (tank technician), Jeffrey (Instructor), Kaj (Divemaster), Bjorn (Instructor), Melissa (Divemaster), Joel (tank technician) & Pepijn (Instructor)
  • We also have a great group of Divemaster Trainees: Oscar, Floris, David, Matt & Luis. They’re all going to be fantastic PADI professionals soon!
  • Best wishes to departing crew members: Richard, Gordon, Suuz and Tim!
  • To keep our crew fit and healthy, Dive Friends is providing membership to Bon Bida Gym.
  • Carolyn & Alex attended the PADI Business Academy in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA to keep up with the latest PADI training
  • Carolyn was a guest speaker on the PADI Webinar about Continuing Education (available to PADI professionals on the PADI Members website) and is on the 2015 PADI North American Resort Advisory Committee
  • This August we’ll be hosting a PADI Instructor Development Course with PADI Course Director Maike Vlassak

  • Hope you enjoyed the News Splash and see you underwater soon!