Meet the crew at Dive Friends Bonaire

  • Bart
    General Manager

    Bart was born in Amsterdam and raised in Brabant. After he moved to Zeeland, he discovered scuba diving. He first worked as a dive instructor in the Netherlands or five years, and in 2005 he decided to come to Bonaire. He has lived here ever since and just loves the ocean, the diving and the island.


  • Judith

    Judith Abdul came to work for Dive Friends Bonaire as an administrator and later as a bookkeeper. Judith has been doing this work since 1993. During the years, Judith has amassed lots of experience. She likes her job and also enjoys interacting with all the people around her. Judith lives on Bonaire with her husband and has two grown-up daughters.


  • Pascal
    CDT/Retail Manager

    Originally from Belgium, Pascal has lived and worked on Bonaire for over 20 years and has been in the diving industry for over 30 with over 5,000 hours underwater as a sports diver, dive instructor and commercial diver and taught hundreds of recreational divers.


  • Alex
    Repair/Retail Supervisor
    PADI IDC Staff Instructor, SDI Instructor, and SSI Instructor

    Alex grew up in the shadow of the Heineken (favorite beer) Brewery in the Netherlands where he worked for several years. He has worked in Menorca, L’Escala, Playa del Carmen, Xcalak, Saba and Tortola. He enjoys first time divers just as much as helping divers improve during technical training.


  • Robert
    Operations Manager

    From the Netherlands, Robert’s first dives were in a swimming pool in the Netherlands and then here in Bonaire. His favorite part of the job is the variety and teaching courses from Open Water to specialities. Favorite part of Bonaire is the relaxed life and warm waters but he misses his daughter and BigMacs from back home.

  • Janneke

    Janneke grew up in the Netherlands and started travelling in 2009. After several years of teaching and travelling many countries, she decided to settle down and stay on Bonaire for a while. She started work with Dive friends in August 2018 and does communications and reservations.


  • Daniel
    Courtyard by Marriott Manager
    PADI Instructor

    Daniel is from St. Louis, Missouri and began diving in 2014 in Belize. In 2014, Daniel moved down under to Australia to become a Divemaster. After one year in Australia, he spent two years working in Malaysia and Thailand where he became an instructor. Daniels’ open water instructor told him Bonaire was his favorite dive spot in the Caribbean so he made the leap over from Asia.

  • Alexis
    Hamlet Oasis Manager
    PADI Divemaster

    Alexis has been diving since 2008 with her first dives in Curacao. She is from the Netherlands and misses her family back home but likes the relaxed atmosphere in Bonaire and the people at Dive Friends Bonaire. She loves showing people around at the beautiful Hamlet Oasis location.


  • Davy
    Yellow Submarine Manager

    From Baarlo NL, Davy started diving while traveling around Australia. He was drawn towards the “instructor life” and completed his IDC with Dive Friends Bonaire. He is happy to turn his hobby into his work. Davy loves the freedom of diving in Bonaire; grab a tank and go! and being able to BBQ every day.


  • Jeffrey
    Dive Inn Manager
    PADI IDC Staff Instructor
    IAHD Instructor

    Jeffrey is from the Netherlands and learned to dive there when he was only 12. Before coming to Bonaire, he worked at his father’s dive school in the Netherlands. Jeffrey likes the tranquility of being under the water and Bonaire is perfect because it is so easy to dive and has great underwater life.


  • Luke
    Delfins Beach Manager
    PADI Instructor & SSI Instructor
    IAHD Instructor

    Luke is originally from the UK and he has been diving since he was 12 years old. During his universities studies, he did marine research on the island of Martinique which confirmed his love for the underwater world. He then decided to become a dive instructor so he could share his passion with others and has since working in Thailand, Greece and now Bonaire!


  • Martin
    Port Bonaire Manager

    From the Netherlands, Martin started diving in 1991 and first came to Bonaire to dive in 1995. After 20 years working in a bakery, it was time for a change and he came to Bonaire to work as an instructor. You can find Martin at the Port Bonaire location.


  • Peter
    Sand Dollar Manager
    PADI Instructor

    Peter grew up in the north of the Netherlands. When he was 20, he learned to dive on vacation in Bonaire. He fell in love with Bonaire and the diving life style. Within a few years, he decided to change his life and make the big move to Bonaire, where he then became a diving instructor. Several years on, he still loves his life on Bonaire.


  • Alexandra
    PADI Divemaster

    Alex first fell for diving in England but truly got hooked in the warm waters of the tropics! She became a divemaster in Honduras in 2008 and then travelled around Southeast Asia as an instructor. After a month-long trip to Bonaire to do some underwater filming, she fell in love with the shore diving freedom and moved here six years ago. She’s happiest when she’s critter-hunting in the shallows and puzzling over marine life behaviour.


  • Amy

    Amy was born and raised in Kansas in the middle of the USA, miles away from the ocean. It wasn’t until doing the Peace Corps in Honduras in 2010 that she was peer-pressured into SCUBA diving and became totally captivated. Since becoming an instructor in 2013, she has worked in Honduras, Hawaii, Zanzibar, Polynesia, and other amazing dive destinations. She is passionate about dive education and underwater photography.


  • Antonia
    Dushi Style Retail

    Antonia was born and raised on Bonaire and has been working with Dive Friends Bonaire for over 13 years. She believes the most important thing is how you treat the customers. She enjoys speaking with customers and telling them everything about the products. She likes to treats everyone with love and respect and keep them returning year after year.


  • Britt
    PADI Instructor

    Britt is from the Netherlands & has always loved the water! After her Open Water Course, she traveled & dived around the world. After a while, she decided to change her life and become a dive instructor. Via St Maarten she ended up in Bonaire and enjoys the fact she can just walk into the water anywhere & dive. She loves being in a completely different world when she is underwater & she is really enthusiastic about sharing this feeling with others.

  • Caitlin
    PADI MSDT Instructor

    Caitlin will tell you she’s English and American, with an accent stuck in the middle of the ocean. She grew up between the two and has traveled around the world as a PADI MSDT for the last 9 years. She is extremely enthusiastic about all things diving & marine life/behavior! She loves to teach courses, hunt/eat lionfish, work with sea turtles & lead clean ups. Find something cool underwater, you’ll hear her squeal, or maybe even get a hug!

  • Chris
    PADI and SSI Staff Instructor

    Chris grew up in Indiana, USA. He first became certified at the age of 14. He decided to become a professional fish pointer in 2011 in Thailand. Chris has pointed at fish in SE Asia for a few years. Now he is pointing at fish in Bonaire and loves it!

  • Darcy
    SSI Dive Guide

    Darcy was born in Curacao and first learned to dive there at the Sea Aquarium in 1997. He has been diving ever since and working in the dive industry at various dive shops in Curacao. He moved his family to Bonaire and now has been working for Dive Friends for several years.


  • Eddy
    PADI Instructor

    Born in the south of the Netherlands.  Started diving at the age of 20. Came to visit a friend on Bonaire and fell in love with it.  Did his divemaster course with dive friends in 2017 took a break from his job as fireman and is back as instructor


  • Floor
    PADI Divemaster

    Floor was born in the south of the Netherlands and got certified when she was 12 years old. She fell in love with the underwater world and the feeling of hovering underwater. She always dreamed of working at a dive school. When she finished her Bachelor’s in ocean chemistry, she decided it was time to take the jump! She left the cold weather and and is enjoying the Caribbean sunshine!


  • Guus
    PADI Instructor

    Guus is originally from the Netherlands. He learned to dive while travelling through Indonesia in 2014 and was immediately hooked. When he later decided to make it his job, he went to Honduras to do his training there. Here on Bonaire, he loves introducing new people to all the underwater world has to offer.


  • Helmer
    PADI Instructor

    Helmer was born in the north of the Netherlands and after 8 years working as a chef, he made the decision to become a diver. He started diving in 2013 on Sint-Maarten and became an instructor there in 2017. After living on Sint-Maarten for 4 years, he moved to Bonaire. He really loves to be in the water and he will be happy to show you the amazing underwater world of Bonaire.


  • Jason
    Dive Ops

    Jason is from Curacao but started diving here on Bonaire. He would go snorkeling and see all the fish but wanted to go deeper and get closer. Now he can get closer and find new fish on each dive. He likes helping and meeting divers from all over the world. You can find him filling tanks at our Sand Dollar location.


  • Jack

    Jack was born in the south part of the Netherlands and started diving there over 15 years ago, very cold! Finished his Instructor Course in Thailand and became an MSDT. He stayed on to work on Koh Tao. He had a lifelong wish to come to Bonaire and is very happy to share his passion for the island, the diving and the underwater world with his students.


  • Joan
    Front Desk

    Joan was born on Bonaire and she has lived her whole life here. She has worked in a dive shop for the past 16 years and she still loves every day. She enjoys seeing how happy all the divers are when they come back from their dives. She loves to help people and she always greets the customers with a big smile. She likes to spend her free time with her friends and lovely family.


  • Jolanda

    Jolanda grew up in the coastal Dutch city of The Hague and has loved being around the ocean from a very young age. At age 20 she did her first try dive and since then, she has been diving ever since all over the world. After 3 years working in Asia as a dive instructor, she has come to Bonaire to enjoy the famous clear waters and fantastic diving. Diving is not a job, it’s a lifestyle!


  • Lliane
    Reef Store Bonaire Retail

    Lliane is from Bonaire and likes making home made ice cream, gardening, reading, and dancing. She loves to talk with customers and meeting and speaking with people from many different cultures all over the world. She speaks Dutch, English, and Papiamentu and enjoys making use of her many languages in serving these customers.


  • Maaike
    Front Desk/PADI Divemaster in training.

    Maaike is originally from Groningen, the north of The Netherlands. She just started diving and is now busy doing her Dive Master Course with us. She used to sail on tallships but in June 2018 made the step to live on Bonaire! She loves the sea and everything in it!


  • Maria

    Maria is from the Netherlands and started diving in 2004 in Turkey. That is where she was trained from open water diver to divemaster. In 2013, she became an instructor in Holland. After thirteen years in Turkey and Holland, it was time for a change: Bonaire! Maria feels like having two eyes is not enough to take in everything that Bonaire has to offer underwater and she loves to share this feeling with our guests.


  • Martijn

    Martijn is coming from the north of the Netherlands, and that’s where he started diving as well. He just loves being underwater and after diving for himself for years, he gave up his office job to trade it for a life close to the sea where he is sharing his passion by teaching others to dive!


  • Monique

    Monique was born and raised in the Netherlands and has always been a water addict. Swimming and snorkeling in every pool, pond, lake and sea as a child. She discovered scuba diving on holiday when she was 18 and after many discover scuba dives around the world, she became a certified diver. Because she couldn’t keep apart any of her instructors in all black gear, she decided to add some color and is now also known as Pinkie the PADI instructor.


  • Nienke
    PADI instructor

    Nienke learned to dive many years ago in Australia and after several dive trips she really fell in love with the underwater world. After deciding to turn her life around, she quit her job in media/advertising. She moved to Turkey to work there and did her divemaster internship in winter on Bonaire. After becoming an instructor in Indonesia she came back to Bonaire to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the underworld world with her students.

  • Patrick
    PADI Divemaster

    Patrick was born in the Netherlands and went to a private school for Maritime shipping. He has worked in different companies in the overseas shipping industry as well as in the Dutch Navy. His first dive was in the Dominican Republic when he was twelve years old. In the beginning of 2018 he moved to Bonaire to become a divemaster, and as one of our boat captains, most of the time you will find Patrick on one of our boats!

  • Roos
    PADI Divemaster

    Roos was born and raised on Terschelling (The Netherlands) and has been surrounded by the ocean most of her life. She finished a masters in marine biology and studied sea grass in Lac Bay. After this research she was sold on Bonaire and decided to come back for her dive master. Now she loves to take you diving and tell you loads about the things you see!


  • Samuel
    Dive Retail

    Samuel is from Belgium and grew up with love for the sea, always finding ways to be in it: surfing, sailing and scuba diving at a young age. After moving around the world for many years, he settled down on Bonaire in 2011 and enjoys his life on the island, where everything revolves around watersports and he can still get Belgian beers! He has over 10 years experience as a dive instructor and now uses his expertise to help customers choose the right dive gear in the Dive Friends Retail Store. He loves getting to know people, is a real gearhead and is passionate about nature conservation.


  • Sarah
    PADI Instructor

    Sarah grew up in Portugal. She did her Open Water Course in 2016 before a trip to the Maldives, where she fell in love with diving, and decided to become an Instructor. Sarah was very happy to leave behind the cold waters of the Atlantic to come to Bonaire. You always know where Sarah is, as you hear her before you see her!


  • Steve

    Steve originates from the USA, but has been travelling around the world for many years. He has joined us from St Thomas. He started diving at the age of 10 in the Great Lakes. After years of recreational diving, he decided to become an instructor in 2006 in Thailand. Steve thrives on teaching, sign up and get involved in his favourite course to teach: rescue. He’ll soon make it your favorite course too. Got a gear question talk to Steve, the self-proclaimed gear geek.


  • Vincent
    PADI Instructor

    Vincent is from the Netherlands and had his first introduction to diving when he was only eight years old. In 2015, he decided to become certified in Thailand. When the opportunity arose to move to Bonaire, he knew he wanted to pursue a career in diving. Vincent enjoys diving and working at a dive center as well as the fact that his job allows him to visit the most beautiful places on earth. What a life!