Dive Friends Bonaire has been providing quality scuba diving services and education since 2002.


Independent Dive Center

Dive Friends is not directly connected to only one resort, people from all accommodation are welcome. For ideas of where to stay check out our accommodation partners.

Conveniently Located

With 7 full service locations on the island we’ll make your Bonaire diving as easy and convenient as possible. We offer the Bonaire Marine Park orientation at any time or dive location between 8 AM and 5 PM.

Enviromental Commitment

We work hard to keep Bonaire blue and beautiful. If you’re on-island for one of our famous quarterly Clean Up Dives, we would love to have your help to ensure healthy reefs for Bonaire divers to enjoy for generations.

Excellent Reviews 

Dive Friends Bonaire is an award-winning, family-type dive school. A personal touch is very important; we prefer quality instead of quantity. All facilities are fully equipped with excellent rental gear, should you require it

We pride ourselves on making all of our guests feel like they are visiting with friends while we help them to enjoy their dive vacation.

Talk to us about your previous dive experiences and what you’d like to learn or try while you’re visiting. We’ll do our best to make sure that you leave a better diver and with many happy memories of your vacation.

All of our convenient locations are staffed with friendly, professional, and helpful divers from around the globe. We all love being in the water and take environmental protection very seriously.

As a PADI Instructor Development Center, we like to think of ourselves as an Institute of Higher Scuba Diving Learning and that makes a big difference for our international dive crew. They choose to work at Dive Friends because they have the opportunity to continue with their professional scuba diving training and careers.

Another thing that we have in common is that we all love to travel. We know just what it feels like for our new guests when you first arrive on island. We’ve been there ourselves! You have a lot of questions and you’re looking for fun and adventure. We’re here to help you make that a reality.



  •   We stayed at Sand Dollar for a week and Dive Friends had a simple, straightforward orientation for us the first morning. Process for self-serve tanks was simple. We swapped out weights later in the week without any problem. Retail store was well stocked when we wanted Defog. Rinse tanks at multiple locations were convenient. We would recommend them.

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  •   My wife and I did an unlimited nitro package with Dive Friends for a week. The communication beforehand was good and I felt that they are very organized. The check in process was low hassle and the rental gear we rented was in good condition. We found the 7 air stations to be more helpful than we anticipated and very convenient, even with the small size of Bonaire. The tank fills were good and the Nitrox was typically 31%.

    We did two 2-tank boat dives and this is where I felt the experience was not ideal. I’ll say up front that the dive guides were very friendly and knowledgeable. Unfortunately we had 10-12 divers of various abilities in a group with one guide underwater. Luckily they were fairly liberal with letting people spread out to different depths, but the overall experience felt very crowded and we sometimes turned he dive around very early due to one person’s air consumption. Impossible to get a good look at some of the smaller critters with a group that size unless you’re right next to the guide. It also made it very hard for us to request the sites we were particularly interested in as inevitably somebody else on the boat had already been there.

    I would recommend Dive Friends for your air if you’re shore diving but sadly can not recommend their boats based on my brief experience. More

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  •   This dive shop was associated with the hotel but had numerous other shops throughout the island.

    I thought it was off season and getting rental gear was no problem but when we arrived this particular shop was out of some of the gear. They did call other shops and we were able to put together everything with a little ride.

    If you are interested in a boat dive they book up quick.

    As most of the diving is shore diving it would be a good idea to buy the book which outlines every dive spot.

    Needless to say the diving as great.

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  •   We did a dive package 6 days unlimited air + 3 boat trip. The staff is very nice and always enthusiast
    All the trips were on Klein Bonnaire and were perfect. They have a lots of spots where you can get the air on the Island and they have a excelente technological service at
    Dive friends retail.
    We had a problem with the wireless transmitter of a dive computer. They helped us in a quick and effective way thx Alex.
    A few days later... l our brand new regulator failed us and Daniel found out in no time what the problem was and solved it. Gracias !
    The people at Dive friends are experienced divers and good technicians.


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  •   We dove with Dive Friends almost everyday of our trip. Vinny, Floor, Guus, Sid, Monique, Collin, and Helmer were amazing on our dive trips. Alex at the retail shop was very helpful and Nienke was a great instructor for our Nitrox course. Looking forward to...More

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